Mindfulness Meditation And Its Psychological Effects Essay

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Mindfulness Meditation and its Psychological Effects Almost everyone is preoccupied with happiness but yet the population seems to be increasingly unhappy. As society and human experience changes we can’t help but ask ourselves how can we fix an increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied society? Mindfulness meditation is a progressively popular solution to this issue. Mindfulness meditation stems from Buddhist tradition and is a practice that includes focusing one’s attention. Does mindfulness meditation have real psychological effects? And if so can they help improve quality of life? Many studies have been conducted proving that mindfulness meditation does have real psychological effects and can help individuals live a more meaningful and happy life. This can be proven through research related to neuroscience, depression and happiness. To understand the effects of mindfulness meditation we first must understand how it is practiced and what the purpose of this practice is. Throughout my research I have found many definitions of mindfulness meditation. Three of which I found to be helpful when understanding the research conducted on the psychological effects of mindfulness meditation. One article described it as “Generally defined to include focusing one’s attention in a nonjudgmental or accepting way on the experience occurring in the present moment”. (BELLIN, ZVI J 221) Another article described the practice as “A process that leads to a mental state characterized

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