Mines by Susan Straight Author Report

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1. Summary and Response. A. Born in Riverside, California, Susan Straight became an award winning regional author. Straight came from a simple beginning, a diverse family and no friends who were writers. Straight wrote her first story at the age of sixteen and wrote sports articles in junior high. As a junior in high school, she began writing short stories again. Straight does like to travel, but enjoys returning home as well. Straight makes no error in advocating the use of writing workshops, so that writers have the opportunity to expand their talent. Straight has been published in various national publications, covered novels for young readers as well and even a children’s book. Straight has received several literary awards for …show more content…

Since her fiction is regional, it helps us understand better just one part of our country, instead of trying to be so broad that we lose some things in detail. Susan travels to the places in her writings, to get the back-story, making sure that all is accurate and it appears that she enjoys it a lot. When Susan committed to writing A Million Nightingales, she states, “I spent five years and I read about a hundred books and historical documents and went to Louisiana twice with my neighbor, who is from east Texas” (5). She uses things that are in court documents to help with historical information as well. For example, slaves were never taught to read or write, also they were never taught to read or write, also they were considered property. So for her, court documents are the way to go. “I read a lot of court documents and I have to tell you I read things like estate sale documents from 1797…On the right side of the document is listed the human property that’s being sold and on

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