Minimum Wage Issue Analysis

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The Concerns with Increasing Minimum Wage to Twenty-Five Dollars
The concerns with increasing minimum wage can be explain in two words, “It’s complicated.” The United States have several problem, but one complicated in particular is what should the hourly minimum wage become since the economic system has changed? Answering this question will change the way an entire nation thrives. According to Laura D’Andrea Tyson (2013) the last several decades have been especially hard on the American workers in jobs that pay the minimum wage. Tyson input in her column that with the proper inflation adjustments the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour today is 23 percent lower than it was in 1968. Consequently, if it had kept up with inflation and with
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The countries political parties, and Economist or both divided on this issue. The argument on the effects that the increase will have on the different sectors of society is what’s in question. These disparities are what effects the increase will have on businesses, the economy, and the middle to lower class workers. One interesting theory comes to mind in conclusion is Taylorism. Taylorism is the scientific method designed by a democrat named Fred Taylors. Taylor concerns was that the hiring of a skilled worker to train unskilled workers to perform specialize task would benefit the industrial industry and boost the economy. Today most factory workers are being paid large sums of money, $18-$25 an hour to work shift work because they were both trained in a skilled craft and educated. The results of this scientific experiment today is lower bankruptcy, job loss, and poor credit. In contrast, those who work a minimum wage job, are concerned with how will my family eat next week, no spending or saving power, unable to qualify financially for a home and bankruptcy is always the preverbal way out. On average the majority of people are having to work two or more jobs, including both the husband and wife working in order to survive because of high political
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