Ministry of Sound Case Study Essay

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Ministry Of Sound 1. From the offset Ministry of sound has had to deal with numerous environmental factors that has fashioned the club in the early stages and in the later years. Weather it has hindered its development or accelerated it is up for analysis. During the early stages logistically they had to deal with the issue of the clubs location being in a high crime rate borough of Southwark situated in Elephant & Castle. Also with “Acid House” derived music, the nightclub inherited the underground rave culture that is synonymous with the designer drugs of the 90’s such as ecstasy. The national drug offences crime rate is at 4.5 were as Southwark council is 18.6 far exceeding national average, this is shown in appendix 1. These…show more content…
3. To identify the main stakeholders we have to differentiate the qualities and recognise the levels of significance they hold to the organisation. We can do this by analysing stakeholders by categorising them, such as internal and external stakeholders and by using the power interest matrix as shown in appendix 2. There are 4 categories within the power interest matrix that we can apply to Ministry of sound. The fist being A “minimal effort” which is low power and low interest, they do not have any authority they can exert onto the organisation. Then there is B “keep informed” these stakeholders have high interest and limited ability to influence directly, for example those who visit the nightclubs and events and retail customers. However they do expect a high quality service or product, whilst expecting a euphoric experience. Category C “keep satisfied” are stakeholders that have low level interest but can exert change relatively easily, such as government bodies or local authorities. Their expectations seem to be generic to all other organisations, follow laws and regulations and act coherently within society. Lastly being arguably the most important stakeholders are D “key players” these are employees and investors like venture capitalists 3i, who are key players in ministry of sound organisation. Expecting good return on investment and dividends, whilst expanding creating growth and longevity for the company. 4.
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