Minnesota State Fair

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Just Like Old Times
Going to the State Fair crowded with people, walking around for hours, and on a hot day does not sound like a fun day to me. Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Although the drive was not fun, considering I just had shoulder surgery 6 days prior, it was an overall fun time.

My whole family planned to go to the Minnesota State Fair to see Carrie Underwood perform. Since I have two brothers who no longer live at home, we are rarely all together, except holidays. All six of my family members cramped into the same car felt like old times again. The trip to the fair brought back old memories of road tripping to Florida, the Dakotas the West Coast and Yellowstone National Park. My brother, Justin, recently graduated from North Dakota Sate University and moved back to the St. Cloud area, so I get to see him more often than I used to. My other brother, Josh, lives in Minneapolis and is currently attending the University of Minnesota, so I only get to see him on holidays and occasional weekends. …show more content…

I’m the type of guy who loves his cheese curds and various fried foods so the Minnesota State Fair was perfect for me. We arrived at the fair a couple hours before the concert so we could get the whole State Fair experience. The first thing we did when we got to the fair was eat some home-cut French fries, then of course I had to have my cheese curds so we meandered through the sea of people until we finally made it. However, the absolute top of the list of food at the State fair is Sweet Martha’s Cookies. A large bucket of oozing chocolate chip cookies piled high, life doesn’t get much better than that. Another one of my favorite activities to do at the fair is people watching. There are all types of interesting people that attend the fair every year. At Sartell we don’t have a very diversified population, it was interesting to see other people from around the state and how they act

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