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If you are currently in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit that doesn’t look like it is going to be settled quickly, you may be required to give a deposition. The other party that you are suing can request that you answer questions asked by their attorney concerning the case under oath.

A deposition is supposed to be an informational process where the other side learns important information about the case. A court reporter will create a transcript of your deposition. At the end of the deposition, you can either read and sign your deposition or wave your right to do so. Here are the top three reasons why you shouldn’t wave your rights and you should read your deposition before you sign it.

#1 It Allows You To Correct Minor Errors Made …show more content…

It is entirely possible for the court report to make typos as they try to keep up with what you are saying. It is also entirely possible for the court report to make slight transcription errors, such as writing down a similar sounds word to the one that you said.

It is important to read your deposition in order to catch these tiny errors. These tiny errors can completely change the meaning of what you said. If you catch any of these errors, you can correct them on the transcript before you sign off on it.

#2 It Allows You To Catch Any Errors You Made

The second advantage of reading over the transcript from your deposition is that it can allow you to catch any errors that you made while testifying under oath. It can be easy to let your nerves get the better of you and mix up a date or a fact while you are testifying.

If you find that you have mixed up or misstated a fact as you read through the transcript, you can correct that kind of error on an errata sheet. An errata sheet is a piece of paper that is attached to the back of the formal deposition transcript.

If you find that you only gave a partial answer, and did not fully answer the question, you can also add those details to the errata

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