Mis 535 Week 2 Course Project – Business Problem

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Provide an opportunity for students to apply a technology solution to a business problem in a specific company or organization that adds value to the organization. The Course Project’s focus is on the use of technology to solve specific business problems. Although the list of technologies that you can choose for your Course Project is vast, the following are some current technical topic suggestions
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Please include references (more than five) in the slides and have a separate bibliography at the end of the presentation.
Instructions for recording the audio track in PowerPoint 2010/2013
• Connect a mic to your computer
• Turn on and test the mic
• Open MS PowerPoint
• Create presentation and save
• Go to the slide show tab
• In the slide show tab press either o Start recording from beginning o Start recording from current slide
• When you are finished with the audio for the current slide, press the right arrow to continue to the next slide.
• Continue to speak into the mic until you finish showing your slides, and press stop to stop recording.
The PowerPoint presentation is due no later than 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday of Week
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