Mergers and Acquisitions: The Real Hisory of How Twitter was Created

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Twitter started from a group effort back in March 2006 (Carlson, 2011). The real history of how Twitter was created is by an individual named Noah Glass. He is an entrepreneur and started the Odeo, which is a product where a person can call a phone number and it would turn to a MP3 message. There were speculations if Evan Williams was the creator of Twitter, but the actually creator is Noah Glass. Evan Williams was a former Google employee who was an investor of Odeo and heavily involved with the program and eventually move the startups program to his old apartment. Later on, moving toward the inventions of Twitter, there were other people like Web designer Jack Dorsey; Engineer Blaine Cook; and German contract developer Florian…show more content…
Once the video is played, the clip loops until the user tell it to stop. Merged with Bluefin Labs Twitter merged with Bluefin labs due to the fact it gets to the specific moments on television. Examples like advertisements and actual shows that are on television. According to (Issac, 2013), Twitter spend close to 90 million dollars for Bluefin Labs. Bluefin Labs can run an affinity analysis, which allows the company to figure out preexisting affinities between TV program audiences and brands. The twitter user can tweet in a specific moment based on the person’s tweeting history. The Bluefin Labs will enable Twitter to marry data to ad sales and the brands are able to spend more on social advertising and direct brands the best times to run their ads. Merged with Spindle Labs Spindle Labs Incorporation was a young startup company founded by three employees in Microsoft Corp.’s New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge. The Spindle Labs were able to enhance Twitter operation systems, by adding an addition for smartphone users to discover social media updates. Updates including: nearby stores, restaurants, bars or museums for phone’s location technology. These advancements were already in the app program of Spindle Labs. Positive

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