Misandry and Emasculation in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast can be seen as a very honest way of depicting how society feels about the gender roles of men and women. Firstly, of the main characters, two out of the three are in fact males. The interesting thing about this balance is that despite there being a higher number of males in the film, they are both shown to be at least partially villainous. Throughout the entirety of the film, the only two characters, main or otherwise, who truly embody and possess typically masculine characteristics (chivalry, a wish to fight to protect women, strength etc) are both depicted as being wrong, evil, and negative. The first of these two men is Gaston. Gaston is by all accounts, the villain of the piece. His great crime? He…show more content…
But Beast is not only an interesting topic when discussing the hugely misandric elements of the film because of this, it is also worthy of discussion because of the tipping point. The turning point, the face heel turn, whichever name you choose. He fully makes the transformation from villain to victim when he meets and is guided by Belle. A woman. If we remove the fantasy and the characters, and look at it purely in terms of actions, then we are met with this path of characterisation. Horrible, evil masculine male who cannot control himself (Villain) – Possibly a redeemable person, he has a few feminine traits – [MEETS A WOMAN] – Fully a victim, in need of love and affection to limit his masculine traits and become a feminised person, thus entering the stage of being worth anything in society. Yes, Beast becomes a good character, one who we are expected to sympathise with, only when he has a feminine touch. When a woman enters the equation and puts her foot down, she brings emasculation and shame for his maleness, and thus the process of making him “acceptable” begins. This same value is shown through sitcoms, television shows, films and every other form of media. It's one of the most basic storylines. Man has masculine traits (sleeping with multiple partners, a biological urge, or demonstrating and taking pride in physical prowess, also a biological and social urge) and this means that he is a bad person. But then

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