Sacred Ground By Eboo Patel

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America is a nation built on the foundation of freedom and equality. Today, America is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world, but also one of the most religiously dived. Eboo Patel, author of the novel Sacred Ground, is an activist for the integration of pluralism into American culture. Throughout the novel he expresses his ideas for more interfaith programs to broaden the knowledge of the younger generation with the hope of eliminating bigotry amongst various religions. Patel’s crucial message is that many people often misjudge or jump to conclusions, in this case about religions, which they don’t know much about. College is a place to break these barriers because it is a time for self-exploration and new ideas to be formed. The notion of having a nation where any religion can practice freely was one of the many reasons that which America was founded on. This belief brought people together, but today is tearing many people apart. Patel states that, “…in America, people will have their identities respected, their freedom protected and their safety secured (pg.14).” Many people in America do have the luxury of their belief being appreciated and tolerated in America, but for vast majority of people this is not the case. Specifically in this novel Patel discusses this discrimination towards Muslims in America. Though he does recognize that it is not just Muslims who experience discrimination, all religions have. It can be argued though, that Muslims have

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