Mission Statement On Community And Community Service In The Community

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I hope you are doing well. As one of the members of the youth, I would like to address a concern of mine involving the youth group. Our church's mission statement is experience, equip, and severe. As a whole, I feel that the youth group is lacking in the area of service. Not only is community service important to our church, I also believe it is crucial to have our youth involved in community outreach to promote emotional and spiritual growth. I believe our youth should participate in more community outreach because it will counter selfish tendencies, allow the youth to feel helpful, and promote our church’s presence in our community.

Let’s face the fact, in general, the youth today are very selfish and narcissistic. It’s all about having the coolest clothes, the newest iPhone, or how many likes and retweets they can get. It sometimes seems as if caring for others has completely disappeared from their thought process. They have very much embraced the selfie lifestyle. Along with selfishness and narcissism, the youth also seem to have become somewhat ungrateful. Although some may say that this is how typical teenagers act, I think over the past few years it has become more and more prevalent. Despite that fact, is it not our job as a youth group to try to work against the negative stereotypes and better ourselves. To overcome and rise above the low expectations we typically have. This is why I believe creating and promoting community outreach opportunities is so important.

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