Mlk Civil Rights Speeches

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Having to drink from dirty water fountains, not being able to have a nice bus ride because you have to give up a seat for a white man standing, or even not being able to enjoy a meal without someone saying something. If certain rules were not being followed it could lead you into jail or beaten really badly. Martin Luther King Jr. is known as a leader, being trustworthy and brave. Martin knew what he wanted to do and it was to equalize every citizens rights. Montgomery bus boycott occurred for the reason that Rosa Parks denied orders from a bus driver. Finding her mortified she was charged with a “10.00 fine” and “assessed court fee”. As Martin felt like they had to “protest” for the actions and outcomes things happening. He claimed “we have sometimes given our white brothers the feeling that we liked the way we were being treated. But we come here tonight to be saved from the patience that make us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.” Knowing there were people who didn’t like him didn’t stop him from fighting, it was the people who had faith in him that kept Martin moving forward. Being a brave soldier isn’t always easy, the only way for equal rights you have to put up a fight. “King was arrested 30 times for his civil rights activities” Martin Jr. did everything…show more content…
didn’t accomplish what he wanted for him and his people partial racism ended sooner or later. Being assassinated led him to having his own national holiday, he was well known for fighting racism, schools and buildings were soon named after him and he eventually had a service in the Independence mall. You see not everything is going to go right, it’s an obstacle course. If you want it really bad you’re going to find every way possible to get through it. Nothing will stop a dream. Martins dream was to equalize one another, and for everybody to be treated right. He did everything in his own power, he’s a hero because he had what most people didn’t, a
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