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Features That Attract Users To A Mobile App Why do people embrace some mobile apps and ignore some other ones? Aren’t all mobile apps supposed to be used? A lot of young mobile app development companies have tasted the bad experience of developing a mobile app that users will simply not use. After studying over twenty successful apps, it became obvious that there are some qualities that make a mobile app a success. No app can be successful without those qualities. Whatever the purpose of an app is, it should have most of these qualities otherwise it won’t be a success. Great user interface is very important in the success of an app. You find out that several qualities below are meant to improve the user interface of mobile apps. Great …show more content…

It is these statistics that will help you monitor the performance of your app. One of the important daily figures you can get from analytics is your daily crash rate. Other important daily reports that analytics give are listed below: Number of views on every product: This is the figure of all the number of times each of your products was viewed by prospective customers. Number of orders on every product: This is the figure of the number of orders on each of your products. This is very important because the number should be increasing each day. When the number of orders on any product begins to drop, it is a sign that something is going wrong with that product. You need to investigate and take corrective measures as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the number drops to zero. The total number of users of your app: This gives the number of people using your app on a daily basis. This number should also keep increasing. If you see a decline, it means there is a problem somewhere. Find it out and deal with it. The total number of active users of your app: This gives you the total number of people using your app actively. You also need to monitor this figure daily. More people should keep using it. Once new users stop coming on board, it is a sign that there is a big trouble with your mobile app. You should try to fix it as soon as possible. The average number of

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