Top 5 Free Android Apps for SEO and Online Marketers Essay

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SEO is a very time consuming process and requires hard work as well as complete knowledge on SEO process. SEO industry is now being considered as a very challenging market after the quality concerned intellectual algorithm updates from the search engines. So, as an online marketer or SEO consultant you need to sweat more for your clients to rank high on search engines and social media feeds. Going mobile is a good idea to keep up with the SEO campaigns. And the new technologies like mobile apps are really helping the inbound experts to be updated with every minute SERP and rank changes. You can find a good list of productive Android apps for strengthening your SEO moves.

5 Must have Android apps for SEO:

1. Google Analytics [FREE]: …show more content…

From different data sources like GKP and SEEOmoz, it shows the search volume of the queried keyword(s) and its Adwords CPC rate (Cost-per-Click). On the go you can check up to 200 keywords in a minute through this app.

Note: Your device should have Android 2.2 or latest version. Its apk file size is 1.7MB.

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This app is like a complete package for both in-house SEM professionals and bloggers. Ranging from SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position tracking to social stats like number of Facebook likes, shares, Twitter mentions, Google+1s, Pinterest Pins, etc can be done through this app. Google PR, Alexa Rank, WHOIS data, search engine index info and many other essential details about the website can be gathered from this tool.

Note: This app is compatible for Android 2.1 or up versions. Its downloadable apk file size is 1.7MB.

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5. SpyderMate SEO Scorecard:

SpyderMate of MentorMate developed this Android app and useful for the webmasters, SEO experts and online marketers. Using it you can check the SEO score and authority of any website and measure the effectiveness of your SEO and SMO campaigns. Identifying the organic competitors and visualizing the weakness of your own site is also done through this app.

Note: The devices with Android 2.2 or latest versions are compatible with this app. Its apk file is of 620kb.

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