Mobile Phones : The First Form Of Communication

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Introduction - Cory Paradis

As cellphones have advanced, methods of communication beyond the standard phonecall have appeared on the devices as well, such as email support and SMS (Short Message Service, colloquially known as "texting"). With the introduction and increased proliferation of smartphones, defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "mobile phones [...] with an operating system capable of running downloaded applications"[1], an even greater variety of communication methods have developed using applications, some of which are creative and fun, and others which are geared toward fulfilling very specific professional or niche purposes.


History - Jacob Hughes

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Users can create a personal profile to include status updates, send and accept friend requests, upload and share photos and much more. According to the most recent Facebook statistics, there are 968 million people using this service on a daily basis[5].

Facebook Mobile was introduced in 2007 and allowed users the ability to access Facebook on a website geared for smaller screens, to send and receive messages as well as being able to upload photos and notes from their cell phone. In late 2008, an update to this service allowed users the ability to use their phones to comment on their friends status updates. This service proved to be so popular that there were nearly one million comments posted in the first 24 hours.

By 2009, Facebook Mobile Apps were available for most types of cell phones. Users who still had a phone that wouldn’t support this app could still log into Facebook through the mobile website. By early 2010, more than 100 million people were logging into Facebook Mobile every month.

In 2012, Facebook released a new, fully native iPhone app which was reported to be twice as fast as the current system. Facebook followed this up in 2013 with an app geared specifically for the Android operating system. These releases were part of the company’s move toward a mobile first approach[6].

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