Mobile Phones : The First Form Of Communication

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Introduction - Cory Paradis

As cellphones have advanced, methods of communication beyond the standard phonecall have appeared on the devices as well, such as email support and SMS (Short Message Service, colloquially known as "texting"). With the introduction and increased proliferation of smartphones, defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "mobile phones [...] with an operating system capable of running downloaded applications"[1], an even greater variety of communication methods have developed using applications, some of which are creative and fun, and others which are geared toward fulfilling very specific professional or niche purposes.


History - Jacob Hughes

Email, although it was considered a "feature" and not an application, was the first form of communication through applications. IBM Simon, credited with being the first smatphone in 1994, was one of the first phones to have email capability. As hardware technology advanced so could software technology. Although phones were becoming more and more advance they had kept the same basic communication features. It was not until Apple released its first app store for phones in 2008 that applications really took off. It did not take long before companies had started making their own applications. We now have things like food delivery, video chatting, and taxi services from multiple different companies only a tap away.…

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