Mobile Shopping In Mobile E-Commerce

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With evolving technologies and digital innovation, mobile e-commerce is rapidly growing. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, have revolutionized the online shopping experience with time and seems like it’s just the beginning to the frontier.
M-commerce is shopping through a mobile device – smartphones or tablets. This experience is becoming a habit for many consumers. According to a study among 1,000 US merchants, 16% of them already have an established mobile shopping channel and 32% of them are on strategic phase to start selling products through mobile within a year (Meola, 2016).
The mobile shopping is expected to grow bigger and bigger. As per the US Census Bureau and comScore, in 2014, m-commerce was 11.6% of the $303 billion USA e-commerce total and estimated to increase to 45% of the total e-commerce value by 2020 (Meola, 2016).A large market share with potential to grow into a billion dollars
Industry and constant technological advancements in Android and iOS operating systems will transform m-commerce very soon. This makes it critical to evaluate this EC initiative and obtain a more holistic picture about shopping from a touch of a button.
Evolution of Mobile Commerce
Mobile commerce is the ability to do business transactions between two parties through a mobile device. The underlying principle is mobile computing, a technology that enables wireless devices to transmit data without any physical internet connection. Rahimi (2014) mentioned that

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