Mobile Technology Has Come A Very Long Way

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Mobile technology has come a very long way. When it comes to purchasing a cell phone there is an overwhelming amount of choices. Brand names, carriers, options, price, storage and applications just to name a few. Even for the tech-savvy individuals, the choices may seem overwhelming. For the non-tech savvy individuals the choices are, to say the least, mind-blowing. Two of the top phones on the market today are the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone. This paper focuses on two of the newest models offered by Samsung and Apple, the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. The goal is to break down some of the more popular features and compare the two side-by-side to aid the tech-savvy (and not so tech-savvy) individuals with making a choice that is the best for them.
One of the biggest determinations in choosing a new phone is always the price. The table below has a price break down of the iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy 6 if purchased through the retailer Verizon Wireless at full retail value.

GB (Storage) 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB
Samsung Galaxy 6 Not offered $576.00 $672.00 $799.99 iPhone 6 $549.99 Not offered $649.99 $749.99

While the prices are very comparable, it is worth pointing out that the entry level Samsung Galaxy is double the memory (32GB) of the smallest iPhone (16GB) for only a $26.01 difference. If the consumer were looking for the biggest bang for their buck, the Galaxy might be the best choice. In previous versions of the Galaxy a microSD card was

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