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This is to certify that the doctoral dissertation by William Yaw Adufutse has been found to be complete and satisfactory in all respects, and that any and all revisions required by the review committee have been made. Review Committee Dr. James Schiro, Committee Chairperson, Applied Management and Decision Sciences Faculty Dr. Thea Singer, Committee Member, Applied Management and Decision Sciences Faculty Dr. Lilburn Hoehn, Committee Member, Applied Management and Decision Sciences Faculty Dr. Cheryl Winsten-Bartlett, University Reviewer Applied Management and Decision Sciences Faculty

Chief Academic Officer David Clinefelter, Ph.D.

Walden University 2010

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Finally, many thanks go to the love of my life, my childhood friend, my sweetheart, and my wife, Nice Adufutse, who has proven to be a firm pillar of support to me all the way through my studies.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS With much appreciation, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Almighty God for giving me the strength, hope, and ability to conclude this lonely journey. I am sincerely grateful for the help and the encouragement I received from my mentor and committee chair, Dr Schiro who has ceaselessly helped me in perfecting my critical thinking abilities and in bringing clarity to my writing. I am very much indebted to Dr. Hoehn who guided me through understanding different research paradigms that I intend to use in my further academic endeavors. My special thanks go to Dr. Singer, a member of my dissertation committee who helped me with my thinking about customer satisfaction. Finally, I am thankful for the editorial work of Steven Peyster who worked diligently in correcting my mistakes and made sure that my writing and logical reasoning meet the high academic standards of doctoral studies.


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