Qualities Of Modern Architecture

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Modern architecture was produced during a period of transformation broadly categorized as modernity. Modernity should not be equipped with the social, political, economic, and technological transformation which began in the seventeenth century and continued well into the twentieth century. Rather, it must be understood at the attitudes towards whose changes. Modernity has been variously described as: a slow transformation and re-evaluation of our relationship with the past; a complete break from the past; a celebration of the chaos brought about by technological changes in industry, transportation and communication; a loss of tradition and home; a project of modernization and progress towards a better world; and a permanent state of transformation and change. Modern architecture is defined as a term used to describe simplified and unornamented building styles of the late 19th and 20th century, as a reaction towards the design of excesses to the design excesses of the Victorian and Edwardian period. Qualities of this style consist of being inspired by the machine aesthetics. In other words letting the materials and structuring help determine the form and define the building according to its functional requirements and materials to be used. Clean and simplified forms were preferred and all unnecessary details were banished. An example of modern architecture can be explained and seen by Zaha Hadid’s Vitra Fire Station built in 1990. Constructed as a closure at the end of a

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