Modern Day Slavery

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You might be wondering, what in the world is Modern-Day slavery, hadn’t the entirety of slavery been abolished years ago? Well no. Today there exists something known as human Sex Trafficking. Some might refer to this as prostitution, or rather sex working, but really, the word sex trafficking teaches refers to the inhumane and unfathomably abusive ways of our society. The State of California’s department of Justice refers to Human Trafficking as “controlling a person through force, fraud, or coercion to exploit the victim for forced labor, sexual exploitation, or both. The 2013 state ratings on Human Trafficking laws say that only 39 states passed new laws to fight human trafficking in the past year. Human Sex Trafficking has become too severe an issue for us to ignore it any longer. The sale of Women and girls has become as common as the selling of illegal drugs and weapons. The victims of Human Trafficking are brought into this trade because of their limited ways to support themselves. The non-governmental organizations, government legislation and individual efforts which vow to stop trafficking have not succeeded. Human Trafficking continues to exist today due to the environment and financial situation many people live in. One of the biggest reasons for the uprise in Human Sex Trafficking is reliant on our environment. If you think about it, our environment has a huge influence on our careers, the people we surround ourself with, as well as our future economic
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