Modern Day Slavery : The Second Largest Organized Crime Essay

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Human trafficking, also known as modern day slavery is one of the most profitable organized crimes in the world. As indicated by Farr (2005), human trafficking is the third largest organized crime industry. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes estimate that profits from human trafficking is $32 billion every year. From that figure a little over $15 billion is made in more economically developed countries. Some researchers agree, however, that human trafficking will soon be more profitable than drug and weapons trafficking (Bales, 2014). The use of drugs and weapons have a set utilization, while people can be sold several times, the profits made from trafficking someone can grow over time depending on how many times a person is sold. Modern day slavery is one the most worst crimes known to society. However, it is not just a 21st-century concern. The mass transportation of individuals from Africa to the Americas during the eighteenth century, has a strong history in the United States (Bales, 2005; Gozdziak and Collett, 2005). Slavery was intended to be abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, although it still exists (Bales, 2005). The United States is one of the main five nations where human are sold an abused for work or prostitution (Mizus, Moody, Privado, and Douglas, 2003). According to Franco (2015), “In the United States alone there are between 18,000 and 20,000 people trafficked each year, this includes both immigrants and U.S. Citizens” (p. 424). In

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