Modern Society Ruining Children Research Paper

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Modern Society Ruining Childhood Normalities
It is one o’clock in the afternoon. The summer sun is beating down on your back as you are being chased through the sprinklers with your best friends. As you hear the neighbor kids cheering, you sprint to see what has happened. Your older brother just hit a homerun. Excitement rushes through your body and you scream with joy. Nobody captured the moment on their phones though. All you have is the memory and scent of summer to bring you back to it. Those were the best days over your life. No phones, no pressure from society and yet there was still a competitive drive to live the American dream. Many experts are questioning if modern society is affecting or even ruining childhood. For many years people think about their childhood as part …show more content…

With a constant worry about where their children are, kids have little to no freedom. Kids also do not have trust built by their parents. Gopal, an author of the Huffington Post writes, “For nearly a decade, studies have shown how the rise of the “helicopter parents” has been worsening children's anxiety and school performance in the K-12 grades”(Gopal). With no freedom and trust given, children become dependent on their parents instead of learning how to become independent. Gopal goes on to say that, “The child comes to the hospital anxious and depressed but doesn’t have the tools to make a change. So the parents become even more involved, and the child becomes more dependent and emotionally stunted” (Huffington Post). Over parenting is only one reason why many children are having tedious childhoods. Sensitivity is another factor that is affecting childhood. Adolescence are used to having their parents do everything for them, including organizing play dates or getting them playing time in sports. When they can no longer be dependent on their mother or father, they become sensitive and are more likely to become upset or

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