Modern System Of Public Health Services

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The concept of the public, health was once compromising as the only governmental public health agencies. However, modern system of technology and education has brought into today’s green light that, the public health sector, such as Medicaid, schools as well the environmental protection agencies, plus that of the private sector organizations must be included in the concept. This is because they are believed to have a very significant role to play in the health of the public. The services of public health mainly have four components and they include mission, structure, process and outcomes. However, the services of the concepts entail a lot, and ten of which happens to be the most essential of it all will be discussed below.

Public health services develop policies and plans that support the efforts of the community as well as the health of the individual ( And this practice or services include successful, emergency response and state improvement that comes with community planning, alignment of resources, which assures a successful planning versus policy development that protects and guide the health of the public.

Secondly, studies show that, the system link the people in the community to the needed personal health services they need and assures them of the available provision of care and even when otherwise unavailable according to the centers for disease control and prevention (03/2014). This also means it will identify the number of people with barriers to care

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