Modern Technology And Its Impact On Society

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The increase in modern technology has greatly impacted society, as it is a major cause of distraction within people’s lives. Cell phones, tablets and laptops have become everyday necessities to many people. Although these technologies are built to assist individuals with tasks and give them easy access to information, they also have many detrimental impacts. Individuals need to understand that preventative measures must be taken and become more knowledgeable of the possible threats that are associated with the use of technology. Everyone around us seems to be absorbed by a “technologically mediated” world (Aagaard,“What drives technology” 223). Modern day technologies result in the loss of focus and causes harmful impacts on the road, in academics, in various social interactions, in people’s perception of reality and external surroundings. Technology-based distractions continue to increase, and as a result, society faces many harmful repercussions due to the rise. Cell phones are known to be the number one common distraction for drivers. Drivers become more engaged into their own cell-phone than concentrating on the road and surroundings while driving. In the years of 2009 and 2010, a survey was conducted on technology based driver distraction engagement in an Accident Analysis and Prevention article. Drivers were questioned on certain distracted driving habits. The majority of people who were studied knew of the harms caused in using technology while driving however,
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