Modern vs. Classical Music

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Though the delight of listening to a brand new track on a compact disc with a big name artist has a similar emotional feel for modern day people, as it would have felt for people listening to a live symphony during the Classical era, the ability the artists, and those involved with them, have with the increase of new technology and business schemes has allowed their base of listeners to be on a global scale for millions, if not yet billions. During the late 17th century to early 19th century, the phenomenon that is the evolution of Liturgical Music had hit the Classical era; extremely skilled artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and Schubert were producing masterpieces for the courts of the upper class. Because the culture that …show more content…
The music medium has exploded into a worldwide cultural phenomenon, where ideas and thoughts of composition and sound can be exchanged with ease through radios, computers, concerts and Vinyl/CD/Tape/MP3, which leads to constantly evolving music, rather than the antiquated notion of music being a regional cultural experience. In terms of the artist in the modern music scene, the skill and dedication required is equally demanding if not more so to rise to the top in this competitive industry, though the reward is far greater in terms of fame, wealth and social status; all of which Mozart strived for but never was able to attain despite being perhaps one of the greatest musical talents the world has seen yet. Also with the expansion of audiences, infusions of genres and capabilities with technology, modern society has seen a trend in corporations fabricating bands, composing music for artists that fit with the cultural fads and electronically perfecting acoustics, all of which are ways for these companies to make quick profit. The downfall in this is the loss of appreciation of music by these corporations and eventually listeners, in terms of the emotion, talent and sacrifice that it takes away from the real musicians trying to make a name for themselves and their careers, such as Schubert
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