Modernized Art Forms and Styles Essay examples

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The beginning of the 20th-century ushered in a new era of Technology: Automobiles, Trains, Airplanes and the Telegraph, changed the way we perceived and interpreted the world. This new modern era, as it would later be called, had a profound impact on the Arts and Architecture. Gone was the old romanticism and symbolism that had dominated the 19th-entury earlier. Instead, Artists around the world started to incorporate the emerging geometrics of technology into their art. Cubism, Futurism, Fauvism, Nonobjective art, and the International Style are all examples of art forms and styles that adapted the abstract geometrics that technology offered. Cubism is an art form movement that helped shape early 20th century art and the Modernist…show more content…
Picasso also influenced sculpture with his assemblages “artworks that where built up, or pieced together, from miscellaneous or commonplace materials”. (Fiero, p.10) Picasso and Braque vision to break with the routine and convey abstraction using geometrics would have profound influences on art movements around the world. One such movement that was influenced by Cubism’s use of geometrics was Futurism. Its founder, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti “called for a style that linked contemporary expression to industry, technology, and urban life.” (Fiero, p.11) Marinetti was captivated by early 20th century technology: the speed of the car, the airplane and the emerging industrial city. In 1909 in a series of manifestos, he fiercely prompted the contemporary concepts of the future to be included in all the arts. Key figures in this movement include the Italian sculptures Umberto Boccioni. “His near life bronze sculpture captures the sensation of motion as it pushes forward like an automated robot” (Fiero.p11) Even what we now take for granted “the street light” was something to awe in the early 20th century as evident by the work of Giacomo Balla whose painting the Street Light according to author Fiero recalls “Balla wittily claimed that this painting, in which electric light
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