Modi 's Policy And Trump Win : Top 8 Economic Changes Expected Essay

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Modi Demonetization Policy and Trump Win: Top 8 Economic Changes Expected In Coming Months In the past 15 days, we have witnessed some unbelievable things happening in India and the USA. On November 8, 2016, the Prime Minister of India announced that all currency notes of 500 and 1000 denominations will no longer be valid after four hours from the announcements. Suddenly, the sun rose in India in the night and people start making serpentine queues in many ATM’s and banks. If this action-packed thriller was not enough, the other part of the world witnessed something extraordinary. The ‘bad boy’ of the USA Donald Trump thumped Clinton to become the 45th US President. Since last week, there have been chaos and hate emails trolling on the Internet. Will Modi’s brave and courageous move inject agility in the lean phase of the economy? Will the inexperience of Trump cause a nightmare in the American economy? Going by logic, financial pundits believe the Indian and the American Economy will witness the following economical changes in 2017. Economical Changes Expected Due To Modi’s Demonetization Policy # 1 - Abolishment of Black Money and Illegal Activities Many IRS experts are claiming that people keeping stacks of black money are burning piles of them or taking illicit measures to whiten their money. Either way, it is going to abolish the black money and bring a check on the prices for a short duration. Black money was used as a major source by the drug traffickers

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