Module 2 Case Treetop Forest Products

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Identification (20%) Facts, assumptions and problem identification
Building-grade lumber industry is competitive and product being sold is not differential; only differentiation is due to product packaging and presentation.
Product packaging is biggest factor when buyers are making a purchasing decision between buying from Treetop or competitors.
Over the last 2 years, Treetop has declined in ratings for package of lumber products as a result lost customers to competitors .
Treetop has six departments: boom, sawmill, planer, packaging, shipping, and maintenance.
All other departments have a supervisor; however, packaging department does not have one designated supervisor. Possible solution is to convert one of the workers to supervisor, …show more content…

There are possible solutions that can assist with effectively and efficiently dealing with this issue. Firstly, supervision and leadership needs a major improvement within the packaging sector. As illustrated within all other fully supervised departments, work is completed efficiently and to a high quality standard. By providing packaging employees with the same supervision and leadership, near guarantees a positive change within the packaging department. Employing a leader with a with a transformational approach to leadership concerned with emotions, values, ethics, standards and long term goals will help to improve the work ethic within the packaging department. A supervisor with transformational leadership involves an exceptional form of influence that moves followers to accomplish more that what is usually expected of them. Furthermore, by introducing a new leader, costs will decrease due to supervised workers and the decrease of overtime; it can be implemented quickly, improve productivity and increase the equity of work.

As also explained within the issues of the packaging department, there is a lack of employee motivation. This is demonstrated through the low quality of work produced, longer breaks and early finishing times. Its important for managers to understand that each and every individual employee will have a set of drives, needs,

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