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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing Elayne Limon, Bill Loski, Fatima Al-Mohannadi, Allison Pawloski, Daniel L. Knight II University of Phoenix MMPBL\530 April 23, 2012 Kathryn Adair Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing In today’s work place employee satisfaction is just as important as it has ever been in history. With employer cutbacks, job eliminations, pay reductions, and business closings employee satisfaction must be at the forefront of employer’s plans to be successful. In the case of Riordan Manufacturing the company has a problem it cannot ignore, employee motivation. Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics producer that employees 550 people and earns an…show more content…
Therefore, Riordan shall communicate carefully forthcoming changes in details to stakeholder. Main stakeholders for Riordan are the Chief Executive, investors, employees, and customers. The interests, rights, and values for each group vary. Michael Riordan is the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Riordan Manufacturing. He is the founder and the primary shareholder with 80% of the company’s stock. Michael is concerned about the company performance that drives the share value of his investment. He believes company’s management treating employees well but employees are no longer as loyal as they used to be. As CEO, Michael has the rights and ability to drive decision-making to maximize the company’s potential. This concern toward the company’s value may be seen as an ethical dilemma. The second stakeholders are investors and Riordan’s shareholders. Investors assume that leadership team will have actions for the best interest of all involved parties and maintain a successful running company. The main interest for stakeholders is a fair return on their investment. Therefore, Riordan's leadership team must put down plans to implement growth strategies and see a Return On Investment (ROI). The impact of slow and poor performance may direct investors to withdraw

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