Money In College Athletics

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Money In College Athletics A huge topic in sports right now is whether or not college athletes should get paid. If you turn on any sports channel that discuss sports topics you will find this debate being discussed. Turn on sports radio and you will be sure to find callers with strong opinions on the subject. In the sports world this is a hot topic. College athletes should not be paid for playing any college sports at any level. Collegiate football athletes should not get paid for the revenue they help produce for the university they attend. By looking at American college athletes, one can see why college athletes should get paid for playing in high profit games. This subject is important because the NCAA should not change the rule because that would change the structure of college and professional games. “Rising cost of athletic programs are being passed on to college students in the form of increasing tuition and fees” (Schneider 3). The more the athletic programs make and get known the higher the cost of tuition and fees go up. If the top end athletes get paid to play this will get passed down to the students that are attending college for an education. Most students who are not involved in athletics will not agree with college athletes getting paid. Of course the athletes themselves think they should get paid, but who would disagree with getting paid to do anything. “The value of an athletic scholarship typically ranges from $5000 to a max of $20,000” (Brown 2).
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