Monitoring Pickup Of School Children Essay

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Abstract: It is time consuming task for parents to check the regular presence of the children in the school. But this project of sending information to the parents whose children were absent from the school through GSM in the form of SMS will give an easy, low cost and automatic solution. This project presents a system to monitor pickup of school children to enhance the safety of children during the daily transportation to school. The system consists of two main units, a bus unit and a school unit. The bus unit system is used to detect when a child boards the bus. This information is communicated to the school unit that identifies which of the children did not board the bus and issues an alert message accordingly. The system has a developed PC-based database-driven application that facilities its management and provides useful information about the children to authorized personal. A complete prototype of the proposed system was implemented and tested to validate the system functionality. The results show that the system is promising for daily transportation safety. The technology implemented here is aimed to detect the presence of a particular student who enters into the school bus and by sensing the presence of student, this information is passed to the school from where the absent students information is sent to the student parent’s mobile through GSM. This entire information is stored in the computer simultaneously. Keywords: RFID, ARM7, SMS Gateway,Transportation safety,
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