Cultural Influences On Bullying

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There are many influences that play their parts within Bullying that many of us are not always aware of. Social roles, cultural beliefs and biases, social inequality, and even excising social conditions fall within social issues of Bullying. For starters, a victim and Bullies are considered the social roles of Bullying. The victim often describes the person being bullied as opposed to the bully is the person initiating bullying.
When a person is initiating bullying, it often refers to verbal or physical harassment such as fighting, calling names and even black mailing. In fact, researchers and bloggers have mentioned labeling kids, as ”victims and Bullies” does not help discard the situation. It is known to cause children to identify themselves as “victims” and “bullies” and patterns may be repeated. Nonetheless, although social roles such as “Victims and Bullies” can be negative as far as labeling, it has helps understand the source of warning signs and aggressive behavior so it can be managed properly. For example, Warning signs such as constantly speaking negative, getting into a lot of fights, being aggressive and even coming home with scars and bruises. Average shows that potential bullying may occurs during the 4th-12th grade. During these situations some schools have requested organizations and awareness taught during classes to help educate kids on he effects and possible consequences of bullying.
During my research of bullying I came across many cultural beliefs

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