Montessori Eduacation Approach Essay

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Watching a small child discover how to operate his or her favorite plaything is awe inspiring. The look of wonder at the item as it's carefully chosen from amongst their belongings and studied ever so carefully for each and every nuance. How that little face lights up with each new discovery no matter how large or small. The sounds of delight an even dismay at an unwanted result are beautiful. Consider an educational system that would continue to utilize a child’s natural curiosity, unyielding ingenuity and thirst for knowledge. Montessori education creates that environment for children by allowing them the freedom to not only gain knowledge in a natural progression, but also provide a basis on which to continue to grow no matter where …show more content…

Successes are measured in a tangible format such as a puzzle block successfully nesting instead of a verbal praise. These concepts any child can more easily grasp and cognitively process, allowing for a firm grasp of the overall concept. Life skills such as cooking and being responsible for their own belongings are successfully taught at ages as young as three. The sense of accomplishment in and of itself providing the springboard for future exploration (Montessori 17). Traditional educational methods are by no means ineffective, as evidenced by our populations increasing number of individuals attaining higher education (Murnrne, “Graduations on the rise”). Every human being is a unique organism, therefore it stands to reason that we each have different way of learning. Current educational methods that are open to and required of all young children ages 3-5 are based on academic achievement. A concept well understood by adults but completely foreign to a tiny human who has not even learned to tie their shoes. How much of a long term effect can memorizing 2x10 = 20 as opposed to actually seeing how and understanding hot the answer was achieved (Caring for Your Baby). Its knowing how to get from point a to point be but not knowing how to read a map if you have to get to point c. Already Europe and even countries such as China have begun moving toward a play-based system of education. The higher ratio of child to teacher that is possible through use of the

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