Mood Disorder Summary

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It’s very common for mood disorder to co-exist with comorbid anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some of the symptoms of depressive episodes discussed in lecture were depressed mood, loss of interest, feeling of worthlessness or guilt, suicidal thoughts or action, difficulty thinking or making decision, and fatigue or loss of energy. These are some of the symptoms Mr. B mentioned having in the article. Some of the environmental factors contributing to mood disorders is the uncontrollability of events, such as break up or job loss. Mr. B separated from his wife 10 years ago and has two kids whom he can’t visit as much as he wants. In class, it was discussed that lithium, SSRI’s, and tricyclic are used to treat mood disorders…show more content…
This helps the researcher identify if the client has been affected but those stigmas and comprehend the client’s situation better. Some of the stigma associated with MMD is that people don’t consider it a legitimate mental disorder, hence minimize the severity of the problem. Stigma surrounding anxiety disorders include beliefs such as: they are not suitable employees, self-centered, and a sign of personal weakness. In class we watched a video where a young mother had OCD. Her obsessions were worrying about contamination, and need for order, and her compulsions were washing her hands and avoiding the cracks in the streets. Her OCD were so severe that it was affecting her lifestyle, which resonates with Mr. B’s situation. Some of the prevention of mood disorders and suicide is done by RAO-A, which teaches adolescents to manage stress, modify negative and irrational thoughts, solve problem efficiently, develop and use social network, and enhancing social skills and recognizing other perspectives. Treatments for anxiety disorders addressed in the book are biological treatment (subject to side-effects and addiction) and psychological treatment involving psychoeducation, somatic therapy, cognitive therapy and exposure based
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