Essay on Morality is a Human Invention

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Morality is a Human Invention

To approach the subject of Morality, one must first gird himself well, for the road is a difficult one. The perennial questions often revolve around what is Right and what is Wrong, so an explanation here is difficult at best, and futile, at worst.

Nevertheless, I shall begin with a quote from Twilight of the Idols, by Nietzsche:

"I formulate a principle. All naturalism in morality, that is all healthy morality, is dominated by an instinct of life- some commandment of life is fulfilled through a certain canon of 'shall' and 'shall not', some hindrance and hostile element on life's road is thereby removed. Anti-natural morality, that is virtually every morality that has hitherto been …show more content…

When it comes to the "chosen" men who provide moral interpretations, I am hesitant to put my faith into a corruptible, inherently selfish man. The proponents of any morality seem to always claim a connection to the Almighty God, who created the world, but I have never had these rules communicated to me by God. Should I trust a body of men, (i.e. the religious body,) which has always and without fail been highly contemptible, selfish, power-hungry? Should I live according to the dictates of such men as the Medieval popes, who possessed harems, murdered competitive clergy members, raped nuns, slaughtered Jews? Should I trust morality as preached by Jim Jones, David Koresh, Torquemada?

I think not.

I also do not rely on the intuitive "proof" of morality, which rests on internal, emotional, and therefore unreliable and spurious, reasoning. The claim that you feel God within is ridiculous. You simply feel good, or understood, or peaceful. But we, as the egotistical, fearful humans we are, have the audacity to state that God resides within our hearts, when what they mistakenly call God is simply an unset stomach, or ejaculation.

Furthermore, the claim that God set his immortal laws upon the hearts of Man begs the question,

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