Most Memorable Works Of Architecture

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There have been many memorable works of architecture in ancient history. So many, in fact, that it can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. It is always interesting to think about how much these individuals of the ancient world built given how behind they were compared to our lives today. In the big scheme of things, they were actually probably better off than we are today. One of the most admired and intricate works of architecture from the medieval French era is known as the Chartres Cathedral (AKA the Notre-Dame de Chartres or Cathedral of Notre-Dame). This building is currently located in France in the medieval town of Chartres, about fifty miles southwest of Paris (2 Chartres Cathedral, Chartres Cathedral). It is consequently ranked as one of the three chief examples of Gothic French architecture (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, Chartres Cathedral). The effort and meticulousness that was put into this building is magnificent for a time when such architectural progress in society was small in quantity.
The Chartres Cathedral is one of the works of art in ancient history that still deems itself relevant today. The reason why I chose to focus on the Gothic cathedrals of this time period is mainly because of their sheer beauty and the complexity that it took to build these buildings, particularly the Chartres Cathedral. It is no surprise that such a piece of work is still recognized and discussed in ancient history curriculum. Gothic architects had to obey a set of…

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