Motion And Orientation Detect App Based On Tizen Smart Watch Essay

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EECE497 Independent Study Motion and Orientation Detect APP based on Tizen Smart-watch Han Sun Adviser: Prof. Zhanpeng Jin Student of ECE Dept., Binghamton University Binghamton, NY 13902 Date of Submission [19/12/2016] 1.Introduction Since the Microsoft launched the new product named Smart-watch in 2003, this new range of smart devices is attracting a lot of attention. The operating system that powers these devices rise a lot of concern also. In fact, beside the Android and iOS, or even Windows, there is another operating system called Tizen. The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 are product based on this system. Compared with other operating system, it is designed for communications between multiple devices form smart-phone, wearable equipment and smart TV. The Tizen based application can be divided into web app and native app. By using HTML5 and JavaScript, the web app allows user connect to the internet and get information form web server and access the sensors such as motion and geographical location. While by using C++, Tizen also provide interface for users to working with video and images. In all, it offers inter-application communication channel which means the message can be sent and received in the same device not only between two native apps but also between web and native apps. In independent study this semester, I learned how to develop both web and native apps and how to communicate between these two apps. I use the web app to call the sensor so that

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