Motivating Employess: Most Effective Leadership Style Essay

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Part of being a successful leader is knowing what things lead to failure as well as what things leads to success. Effective leadership must have cognitive, interpersonal, and political skills; project management skills; and technical expertise (Yukl, 2006). Leaders must also be able to envision, organize, socially integrate, and externally span to ensure that his team is effective and efficient in achieving goals, maintaining team cohesion, and keeping the decisions compatible with the organization’s needs. Leadership must be able share this complex monitoring with his employees/teams in order to track information on trends and developments (Yukl, 2006). Leadership should be able to also develop strategic plans to address …show more content…

Transformational leadership is a contemporary leadership model. Transformational leadership enables followers to rise to a higher level of performance than presumed possible. According to transformational leadership theory, leadership does not reside in an individual but, in the relationship between individuals. According to Bass (1985), leadership should be oriented to social vision and change rather than focused solely on attaining organizational goals. Transformational leadership focuses on changing the human condition and can spring from any source. Transformational leadership empowers individuals at all organizational levels to assume leadership roles.
Therefore, leadership plays a major role in the development of an organization into a less stressful environment and enjoyable place to work. Leaders and leadership behaviors are a vital part of organizational effectiveness (Yukl, 2006). Every organization needs leaders at various levels of operation. Leaders is instrumental in creating stability and directing managers at all level of the organization towards attainment of long-term goals and ensuring success of the organization (Navahandi, 2006). Some of the required skills a leader demonstrates are influencing, motivating, and

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