Motivation To Improve Performance Through Employee Involvement.

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Motivation to Improve Performance through Employee Involvement

Charlese Mason
Leadership and Organizational Behavior; 520
Dr. Laura Jones
Strayer University
February 13, 2017

1 Introduction (Motivation through Involvement)
2 The Important Road Ahead (Optimizing Value and Performance)
A. What is Motivation
B. What is Employee Involvement
3 Leading Characteristics (Management Styles/Organizational Behavior)
A. Understanding the Sticks and Carrots
B. Stimulating Solution/Feedback
4 The Art of Successful Implementation (Strategy and Result)
A. Steps and Phases

Abstract Purpose- The aim of this paper is to determine the extent employee involvement impacts organizational …show more content…

Kahn, 1990; Lawler, 1986). This paper analyzes motivation theory and identifies solutions to questions such as...(1) what is motivation and/or employee involvement, (2) how does motivation affect employment involvement, (3) what affect does employee involvement have towards increasing organizational effectiveness, and finally (4) what needs to happen to change the trajectory of low motivation and employee involvement.
The Important Road Ahead: Optimizing Value and Performance
Understanding the motivating basis of a behavior makes it easier to deal with that behavior and improve performance. Motivation and Employee Involvement are two of the most researched and often, challenging aspects experienced by organizations and leaders today. Many leaders remain, despite clear majority of research, ill-equipped to motivate their employees or lack understanding of link between them. Furthermore, studies indicate that the understanding of the importance of employee involvement by employer is essential to managers because this is a significant predictor of work behavior among employees (e.g. Manojlovich, Laschinger, & Heather, 2002). Thus, to create responsiveness for operational excellence, the employees representing the organization must be valued. Creating this balance, it is essential that business designs encompasses offer support and training for leaders/employees to work well together and appreciate the efforts of each member.

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