Motivation has Been Shown as the Key Component of Any Successful Person

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Motivation has been shown as the key component of any successful person.

Coolum beach local Julian Wilson is a prime example of the type of motivating characteristics one might find in a professional athlete. The Australian surfing star displays a strong motivation towards winning in his chosen sport.

Researchers have individualized many types of motivation over the years, categorizing them and providing evidence for superior forms. Through relevant research and evidence, this text will argue that not only is motivation a must for any elite athlete but specific forms of motivation are required to perform and win at the highest level of sport. These forms of motivation string from intrinsic to extrinsic with many sub categories in between. The most obvious form of motivation depicted through the words of Julian Wilson “ I’m here because I want to win” is the motivation to win, a highly competitive mindset, focusing on the singular task of betting all other opponents. The motivation behind julians goals will be assessed as weak and/or strong through the use of four peer reviewed journal articles, and the evidence they provide will outline the reasons for this.

Journal article 1.

The aim of this study was to look into and possibly psychometrically identifiy three types of competitive motivation, and see if it was possible to differentiate between preference for enjoying performing at a high level and performing specifically difficult tasks. Researchers at the

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