Motivation vs. Empowerment: Which One Are You?

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Motivation vs. Empowerment

This morning my wife and I were discussing what it means to be motivated or empowered. We both agreed that it is better to be empowered than just motivated.
Which brings me to today’s blog. What is motivation and empowerment? We hear every day about motivation and motivational speakers. When do we hear about empowerment? When are we motivated and how long does it last? The next question is when are we empowered? Is there a difference in how we feel or act when we are empowered? These seem to be a lot of questions.
I believe that motivation is a very temporary stated. We get motivated to do a single thing. Such as clean the yard of leaves in the fall. Or clear the rain gutters on the house. This is usually after my wife reminds me that it needs to be done again. We have large elm trees in the neighborhood and the rain gutters fill up a few times during the fall and early winter. We are motivated by an event for a short time. Motivation is a great thing it gets us moving to do what needs to be done.
I am motivated to write this blog. But I find empowerment from writing the blog. When I feel empowered my spirit is lifted and I feel gratitude. This is being empowered. It does not fade as motivation often does. To live a sustainable life you must feel empowered; as there are many challenges in changing to sustainability. You will need to learn many new skills and leave some preconceived notions behind. This can be

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