Movie Analysis : ' Goodbye Sweetheart '

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“Hey mom.”
Renée was curled up on the couch in the living room watching TV when Bella arrived home from Edward’s. “Hello Sweetheart. How was your time at your dad’s?”
“Great,” Bella answered, averting her gaze. She still felt somewhat guilty for lying. Especially considering how much Renée trusted her.
“Bella?” Bella looked up to find her mother’s inquisitive eyes on her. “Come sit. Talk to your mother.” She patted the spot on the couch next to her.
Bella dragged her feet, slowly making her way towards her mother. She just wanted to go to her room and call Edward. By the look on her mother’s face, they would be talking. Which was somewhat unusual. “What’s up Mom?”
She looked everywhere but at her mother’s face.
“Bella.” Renée leaned over, grasping her face in her hand. She observed her carefully.
“What is it mom?” Bella asked getting agitated, still unable to meet her mother’s gaze.
Renée twisted her mouth to a side, squinting and eye. “It’s nothing.” She let go of Bella’s face. “I just thought you looked a little different is all.”
Bella let out a nervous laugh. “Different? Do I have a giant zit or something? Am I getting fat?” Images of what she did with Edward over the weekend and up to an hour before flashed through her mind. Could her mother tell?
She always heard that mother’s can tell these things, but it all seemed ridiculous to her. How can someone possibly know their child has had sex by looking at them? Especially someone as unobservant as Renée.
There was no

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