Movie Analysis : ' Goodwill ' Essay

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To set the tone for the following prose introduction, I’d like to draw a comparison: as a short fiction writer and ex-violin player, notes on sheet music and words on blank paper are similar. Our creativity often urges us to add that absurd simile, or abrupt forte. Hence, a writer or composer’s best work is put forth when she allows her ideas flow unrestrained, unfiltered. Forcing rhyme or meter potentially makes a poet’s work insincere and awkward. Therefore, the poems below may give the impression of being “manufactured” or “carefully constructed according to a formula.” That impression is not wrong: if something sounds forced, it probably was deliberately put in to imitate another poet’s stylistic choices, and if anything sounds natural, it was added in because my “gut” felt that was the correct choice. In other words, the following annotations are all afterthoughts of sorts. Before picking apart the main stylistic features in “Goodwill,” I will provide some “intellectual” context about the poem that may not be supplied in the diction. “Goodwill” is a news and persona poem that is based on a South Korean news article released on November 6, 2016 (hence the epigraph) about the following incident: an elderly man purchased a puppy and kitten, and when he tried bringing them into a motel and was denied entry because of his new pets, he dropped both animals from his hands. As the poem hints, the kitten died, and the puppy was grievously injured, and the man was released
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