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If a film fails to capture the theme it attempts to portray, then what is the film actually about? One would hope a film titled Transcendence would provide a unique and original story for its audience. Instead, Transcendence is plagued with a weak script and terrible acting. The film is difficult to follow due to its lack of flow and the cinematography feels dated, filled with cheap CGI (computer-generated imagery) effects and poor lighting. The solid cast and a promising new director unsuccessfully captured the overall message of the script. In a movie where “love” serves as the main motive behind the main characters’ actions, one can’t help but notice the movie itself felt cold and emotionless. The plot twist at the end of the movie not only clashed with the main character’s actions, but it also failed to muster up a significant emotional connection to the audience. Transcendence collapsed when it attempted to connect emotionally to the audience. The main character, a genius scientist with no interest in saving the world, is a difficult person to relate with. Instead of spending his dying days with the person he loves, is choice to upload his consciousness in order to continue his work comes off as selfish and arrogant. The impending death of oneself or a loved one usually results in the attempt of reconciliation and intimacy between those who are closely affected by the death. When my grandmother was dying of cancer, she spent her last days with her loved ones

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