Movie Analysis : Waiting For Superman

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After watching both “Waiting for Superman” at home and “Race to Nowhere” in class, a lot of conclusions can be made from both incredibly made documentaries. Both films offered their audience the opportunity to be informed about the problems and issues in contemporary American education, both clearly with two completely different points of view. “Waiting for Superman” and “Race to Nowhere” were both created in 2010, and here and now in 2015, major issues in the United States surrounding education include curriculum, funding, and control. In regards to both films, “Waiting for Superman” includes the issue of how much the education in America has declined in regards to public schools and “Race to Nowhere” is about the everyday stress factor of students that are in school. Both documentaries were completely different with the issues they chose to address in the films, but both also brought about the right message when it comes to an end.
Starting with “Race to Nowhere”, I personally sympathized with this story of students who are so stressed when it comes to schoolwork. My high school did not supply us with much homework as this story describes, however I was always stressed about assignments so I physically cannot even imagine being that surrounded by homework. I would come home every day from school and go right to doing my homework. My mom made sure that her, my brother and myself ate dinner together and talked about our day, no matter if we were still doing homework or not.

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