Movie Analysis : ' Why Does God Hate Me? Directed By Joel Ashton Macathy

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Anum Waris
Activity Paper 3: Choose and watch a movie focused on sexuality- submit a report including an overview of how the movie portrayed sexuality, how it was connected to the Heterosexual Questionnaire & your observations or reactions
For this discussion I choose a short film Why Does God hate me? directed by Joel Ashton MaCathy. This film consist of both comedy and drama and it was released on 21 August, 2011. It is a coming of age story of a 14 years old boy named Matt who is Gay but his parents are totally against homosexuals and abortion.
The movie started out with a lot of people protesting about hate agent abortion and homosexuality. Matt’s parents were at that protest with Matt when he was only 1 or 2 years old. Matt’s parents …show more content…

He realized the way he is, is the way how it is meant to be. If he lives with his parents he will not be able to become his realself. So he decided to move to San Francisco where his older brother lived. He knew his brother always did what he felt was right and if he tells his brother what he feels he would understand him more than his parents would. His parents always tried to put this in his brain since he was a child that being homosexual and having an abortion is a sin. God hate the people who do any of these things.
I have seen many movies on this topic before but I found this one really emotional. Along with being funny many parts of this movie were also very educational. This movie had a many lessons hidden in it but one of the main one was that we should be accepting of what others are like and we should not be telling them to change their way of life just because we cannot accept them they way they are.
The type of sexual orientation a person has is not something that the person decidies at some point on their life it is something they are born with. There were many parts of the movie in which Matt’s friend tried helping him change the way he thought. She stopped him from looking at other guys, she even got him out of his gym class when he had to wrestle in there by injuring his leg. She always tried to keep him away from boys and prayed for him everyday but nothing seemed to help Matt. His parents brought him to a

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