Movie Analysis : ' Y ' Directed By Jean Marc Vallee

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The film that I chose was C.R.A.Z.Y, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. This film is told in a span of 20 years, through a flashback by their second youngest son, Zac. Gervais and Laurianne have a baby on the day of Christmas, which plays an important role as this family is very catholic. Zac supposedly has a ‘gift ' where he can cure burns, and heal people but little do they know; his special gift is that he is gay. The film C.R.A.Z.Y uses diegetic elements, selecting specific events, and a four-part structure to display narrative. In the exposition, the viewers can see that his parents are very conservative. They go to midnight mass every Christmas, and throughout the scenes there is a cross or religious symbol in many scenes. Zac was born on Christmas so they called him their little baby Jesus, which coincides with the religious theme. This aspect of the movie becomes conflicting for the protagonist since he struggles with his sexuality. By the time that he is older, he begins to reject the Catholic Church, but secretly he still wants help from God. In one particular scene, he is lying in bed and he puts his hands together and whispers, "Please… Anything but that" This part is particularly important to the narrative because it shows how desperate he is to be the ‘norm ', because of his religious upbringing. Without the religious element, this story could have been panned out as a different film. In the resolution, a particular scene brings their family back together. Zac
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