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Movie Review
The story follows a precinct of the Port Authority police on what was to be a regular shift on September 11, 2001. While patrolling the Port Authority Bus Terminal, John and Will saw a plane flying low. The officers are called back to the station where they see on TV, the North Tower of the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. Sergeant McLoughlin assigns officers to assist in the evacuation of the South Tower. The officers board a Metropolitan Transit bus. On the way to the World Trade Center, the officers hear reports the South Tower has been hit.
Once at the World Trade Center, they see the disaster, first victims laying on the streets and others jump from the towers to escape but dying in the process. Sergeant John asks for volunteers to enter the towers to find safety equipment and begin evacuation. Jimeno, Dominick and Antonio volunteer. Another officer informs them the Pentagon has been hit and a second plane hit the South Tower. As the group prepares to enter the North Tower, John hears the rumbling and realizes the Tower is collapsing and yells, “Run!” They all run for the elevator shaft, since it is the strongest part of the building. Chris falls and can’t get up in time. Rodrigues also does not get in the shaft. John, Jimeno and Pezzulo get in the shaft but a crushed and trapped under the rubble.
John calls out to his men, Jimeno and Pezzulo answer. Pezzulo frees himself and tries to free Jimeno, who’s still trapped. John is also…
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