Movie Review : Orphan Train

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In chapter one, the story Orphan Train introduces us to a character named Molly. She acts weird around others to cover up her true self, which is shaped by her past. The first chapter shows hints to her past, yet leaving enough mystery to give the reader questions such as “How many places did she live in before here?” and “What happened to her parents?” While the reader was given clues to the fact her father’s dead and her mother went crazy, they don’t know what happened before or after that. The reader is also introduced to Jack, who seems to be the only one that tries to befriend Molly, and went as far as helping her get a job so she can stay out of jail. Molly assumes that he will figure out that she’s not worth the trouble and leave, yet from the reader’s view, it’s almost certain he won’t. Chapter two starts out with Jack helping Molly go to the job interview. When at first she thinks that the lady employing her isn’t anything like her, she finds out they have more in common. The old lady, Vivian, could tell right away that she borrowed the blouse, and Molly learns that Vivian’s parents died at a young age too. However, Vivian doesn’t know that Molly has to work to stay out of jail, and that Molly told her an altered version of her childhood, which could lead to a problem in the future. The reader learned about when she turned goth and more about her childhood. Chapter three takes place 82 years earlier than the other chapters, showing the point of view from

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