Movie Scenes Occurred When The Police Officer Spoke With Shaniqua Johnson, An Insurance Agency Supervisor

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The greatest impact from movie scenes occurred when the police officer spoke with Shaniqua Johnson, an insurance agency supervisor, about his father’s health and the conversation escalated. At first glance, the officer is a bigot who is racist against minorities and blames Mrs. Johnson for his father’s misfortune. The officer bursts out with “I can’t look at you without thinking five or six more qualified white men who didn’t get the job.” The officer is using his prejudices against Mrs. Johnson as the insurance will not pay for another doctor to see his father for diagnosis. The officer explains how his prejudices came about in his childhood. His father owned a small business that employed minorities before laws were set of no discrimination and how after treating minorities like any other white person, the minorities were given more preferences in small business world and stole his business out from under his father. While his father has no hard feelings on minorities, the officer has lived with racial discrimination since adolescence due to this event that caused his family to struggle. With this revelation, we see the inner workings of the cause behind his prejudices even though this does not justify racism. As Crash continues, we see the officer risk his life for the woman he earlier sexually assaulted during a routine stop. The officer does have his prejudices and beliefs, but he did save the life of a minority once in the position. This scene allows us…
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